Michael Kors bags for women hope medium MK brown messenger cross body bag.

How to check Michael Kors bags for women are real

One of the main things to think about when you are buying a designer, luxury bag is that you want to avoid buying a fake.. If you buy Michael Kors bags for women directly from Michael Kors, then you will end up knowing the product is legit. If you are looking for a cheaper option, resales sites could be a good option. The problem with this strategy is that you could buy a bag which could be fake. So, how do you know if the Michael Kors bags women's and all the other Michael Kors products are legit or not? If you are looking to buy a genuine Michael Kors bag follow the steps below. 

Check the tag inside

Generally, Michael Kors bags for women tend to have a layered tag on the right side. It will say Michael Kors and also include a 12 digit code too. This is on the top of the white tag. The great thing is that in today’s day and age all you have to do is to enter Google and then type the 12 digit code there. Then you will know exactly if the bag is indeed real or not.

Another thing to focus on is the black grey tag. This one should have a 4 digit number showing when the bag was made. These little pieces of information might not seem like a lot at first. But they do show quite a bit when it comes to the originality of the unit and if you are dealing with a fake or not.                         

Material quality

One of the more obvious things to focus on when you want to spot a fake is the overall bag quality. A Michael Kors bags women's product will not have frayed stitches, everything is stitched perfectly or the product is not sent to market. Another way to spot a fake Michael Kors bags for women is the zipper, generally a zipper will have the Michael Kors bags women's tags and logo. A fake won’t have any of that. And then there are other things you will see like overlapping stitches, inconsistent stiches and so on.                                                                    
You can even smell or touch the material to see if it’s authentic leather or not. Counterfeits will try to use surface dying, but clearly that doesn’t have a very consistent, good quality and it’s easy to spot. Check the fabric used for lining too, as that’s important.                                                                                                    
Logo quality                                                                                                             
You can also examine the metalwork too. The idea here is that the Michael Kors bags for women have a high quality logo metal. You can spot a fake if you just weight it, if it’s light them are dealing with a fake. Another way to spot a fake is to see if the engravings are consistent and polished. A real Michael Kors bags women's unit will have the engravings clear and crisp.                                                                                       

It’s ideal to buy products when you see a sale on Michael Kors bags women's. And yes, you can spot fakes quite easily, since there are many tell tale signs showing a deal is too good to be true. Don’t buy any Michael Kors bags for women without checking for any signs of fakes, as it will make your life easier if you just pay attention to all the little details!

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