Boys and girls wearing stylish designer kids fashion. Stood against a green background.

Kids Fashion Trends For 2022

In the past few years kids fashion trends have changed quite a bit. And yes, they continue to expand and reach new ways to stand out. Which is why we created a list with various trends regarding designer kids clothes that are set to stand out and impress a lot of people in 2022. Here are the things that you need to take into consideration and their unique, interesting approach.

New colours are trending in kids fashion

The designer kids clothes colours to focus on this year are definitely neutral tones, as well as bright and light tones. These really make kids express themselves in a fun way, while also grabbing the attention too. That’s definitely one of the things to focus on at this time.

2022 styles

There mare some new styles coming in for kids fashion. These include stuff like oversized silhouettes, bat sleeves or even deflated sleeves. These are incredible, unique and enjoyable, and you will be impressed with their value and quality. That’s certainly the thing you need to focus on when looking for designer kids clothes.


Believe it or not, patchwork is quite the trend and it will continue to grow and expand at this time. What really makes it special is the fact that it adds more harmony and uniqueness to every piece of clothing, something that does become very important and special at the same time.


Layering is actually easy to incorporate in kids fashion and it does work great especially when it comes to oversized fits. It’s all a matter of bringing in the right type of layering, while also making it fit properly and standing out.                          

These are still fashionable, but the idea here is that aside from jumpers and trousers, you also have leggings and t-shirts. These are ideas for designer kids clothes that stay for a prolonged amount of time.


Prints are also in vogue for designer kids clothes right now. Designers are coming in with a huge variety of options and features, like animal prints, polka dots, flower themes, ladybugs and so on. It’s nice to see these because they do add up to the experience and you will be amazed with the value, quality and benefits all the time.


More and more kids fashion items tend to have logos on them. It’s the type of trend that continues to stay relevant in 2022, and a lot of people will continue enjoying it because it’s so unique and different to begin with. That alone certainly makes it easy to stand out at this particular time.

Parachute hood

This is a unique trend that comes from the 80s and it’s actually very innovative and creative at the same time. You can have space themed clothes, all of which add up to look like a spacesuit.

Following the designer kids clothes trends for 2022 is a great idea if you want to dress your child according to the latest guidelines. It’s also a fun way to boost the wardrobe in a creative and engaging manner, and the benefits can indeed be second to none. You just have to adapt everything accordingly and you will be very happy with the way it all flows together. 

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