Two teenage girls wearing bonpoint kids fashion. Check skirt suit with suede boots, grey pants with fleece.

Kids fashion trends to try out in 2022

The world of fashion is constantly growing and evolving, with new kids fashion appearing all the time. Despite the fact that the pandemic has changed how people think about fashion, there’s no denying that chilidrens clothing is expanding and it really stands out with some really creative ideas. Which makes us wonder, what kind of outfits for girls and boys should we follow in 2022.

Colour block coats

The interesting thing about these coats is that they really take kids fashion to the next level. They are easy to wear, visually imposing, and they do stand out with the quality and clarity that they provide. It’s one of those things everyone loves to wear, especially kids.

Dotted pants and dresses

Dots are always fun for kids, and they make self-expression a lot more fun. Which is why we are excited to see more and more dots in the latest kids fashion trends. It’s definitely something unique and interesting, and you will be amazed with the quality and value of outfits for boys and girls that’s brought to the table. Just try to take that into consideration.

Futuristic fabrics

There’s also a lot of focus on using fabrics that convey a futuristic vibe. That’s quite interesting and certainly different to what you would usually find out there. Lacquer effect materials, metal foil and holographic or rainbow colours are definitely bringing in that kind of vibe and style.

Oversized outfits

Yes, kids fashion can also focus on oversized items. It’s easy to see why, because there’s a lot more focus on the idea of having freedom to wear whatever you want. It brings in a great focus on innovation and style, and it really pushes the boundaries of creativity. Plus, it all comes down to comfort when wearing outfits for girls and boys, something that you can always rely on here at Style Central.


Wearing multiple layers is definitely engaging and fun, and it also allows kids to express themselves. That’s why many kids fashion trends tend to focus on items like this. It certainly conveys amazing value and experience, and the quality of outfits for girls and boys as a whole can be very impressive.

Sports ties

Adding sports ties, knots and cords to children's fashion is actually quite common these days and pretty impressive. You are free to choose how to adapt and implement these ideas, and they really manage to stand out more than you might expect. It helps immensely, and the benefits can be very impressive.

We believe that checking out the right outfits for girls and boys fashion trends is great because it allows you to identify the right approach and systems you want to focus on. It’s a very good opportunity to try out the unique fashion style, and it’s safe to say that children's fashion is always focused on unique trends and ideas. You can use these and see for yourself what your child likes and how you can make these clothes even more interesting. We are here to help, so if you want high quality children's clothes, Style Central is always ready to assist! 

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